Non-Binary means a lot to a lot of people. For me, it means that I’m free to dress act the way I feel. Whether I feel masculine, feminine, or androgynous – it doesn’t matter, because my Non-Binary gender status is still valid.

It gives me freedom and comfort, knowing what and who I am, while also being able to manage the body dysphoria that often comes with it.

But, being Non-Binary isn’t the same for everyone. I’m Non-Binary Trans, I present as Masculine and Androgynous around 90% of the time, but I’m not sure if I want to go through any gender alignment surgeries or procedures because I’m not yet sure if it’s right for me. But that’s just me!

However, other people have other views. So, I thought I’d get some other comments from other Enbys. Here they are:

Being Non-Binary is a way of looking at the world from outside of society’s constraints. It’s embracing all that you are, not just the bits that society claims are the norm.

Tristan, They/Them

Being Non-Binary is to exist outside of the societal norms in a way that is uniquely you.

Fig, They/Them 

Non-binary is to undo the bows that tether me to femininity and societal construction.

Hades, They/Them

Non-Binary is to truly be the way you’re supposed to be, that you are a unique being. It means society can’t put you in their narrow-minded box.

Rach-Anne, She/Her or They/Them

To be non-binary is to understand you don’t fit into the rigid boxes that society tries to put us into, and decide to stay out of them and be yourself.

Korin, They/Them

When I hear people talking about being masculine or feminine, I suppose that they’re talking about an experience that is real to them, but it’s not real to me. Sometimes I feel like I was born with an attenuated sense of gender as if everybody else can see pink and blue but I’m colour blind. Other times I feel like they’re just talking about some imaginary consensus reality, like the Sneetches in Dr Seuss.

Phineas, They/Them

Being nonbinary is to not identify fully or completely within the gender binary. It’s becoming aware of the binary and realizing that there are no any limits to being you.

Ry, They/Them

It’s never quite fitting into society’s boxes and finally being free when I realise that I don’t have to conform to others’ ideas of me based on outward judgements.

Amanda, They/Them

To me, NB means being able to be myself. Trying to preform being binary feels like I’m lying, to those around me and myself. My NB identity frees me from that.

Jax, They/Them or Ze/Zir

I don’t have a good grasp on feelings in general, under which gender identity exists, so identifying as something that doesn’t always require feeling like a specific gender is easy and causes me less stress.

Line, They/Them

Being Agender to me is like living chained in the dark, forced to eat gender roles and stereotypes and breaking free, suddenly you see light, sky, and our own ability to change for the better.

Karly, They/Them or She/Her

I don’t always feel fully feminine, but I have NEVER felt fully masculine.
Being non-binary lets me find who I am in the space between.

Veronica, She/Her

Being non-binary is recognizing that you don’t fit comfortably well in the masculine-feminine hierarchy and that’s okay. I can be a masculine girl, a feminine boy, or just be something that describes me.

Lilas, They/Them or E/Em

To me being nonbinary means acknowledging that ‘girl’ and ‘tomboy’ have always been labels that other people have given me, not identities that I felt belonged to me. It’s like a uniform a was given at birth, that looks like it fits, but it’s uncomfortable and not something I would choose to wear myself. Why does doing ballet make me a “girl” while playing in the trees and playing drums in a band makes me a “tomboy”? And as I get older, why does cooking make me a “domestic broad” while wearing combat boots make me a “dyke”? I’ve never called myself any of these things, and I reject the binary of masculine and feminine, as well as the judgment of which is better and where should I belong. When I get called these things, I have a visceral sense that I am being perceived through a distorted lens, that they are not actually seeing me for who I am. Because I’m not any of those things. I’m nonbinary. 

Caiden, They/Them

It means that being seen as a girl hurts deeply, and being seen as a boy feels far better, but still not quite right.

Tales, They/Them

Being non-binary for me means removing expectations from myself. As a gay man I was expected to be hyper-feminine by straight people and hyper-masculine by gay guys. Now I can embrace my feminine and masculine qualities and not constantly hold myself.under the microscope.

Jacob, They/Them

Being nonbinary means I can challenge traditional and new gender roles! I can feel comfortable in my own skin and having a word and diverse nonbinary community to stand with me has helped me learn that my body, my identity, they’re both mine, and I should shape them how I see fit! I can proudly wear a skirt and makeup or suit and tie (or a mix of both) in this community without lash back for expressing myself comfortably. Being nonbinary has really taught me that you shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own body or with your own sense of self.

Sock, They/Them

Being non-binary to me means not truly fitting into what society sees as “Male” and “female”, and also not wanting the body of a “Male” or “Female”, it’s a label that helps me explain my dysphoria and feelings to other people. It allows me to exist a life where I don’t feel pressured to be one or the other, both of which I feel uncomfortable with.

JD, They/Them

I’m not transitioning from my assigned gender to the opposite gender because there is no such thing to me. Instead, I’m transitioning away from my assignment to a much broader horizon of possibilities.

Autumn, They/Them or She/Her

Being nonbinary is rejecting labels and expectations put on by society. I don’t want to be male and I don’t want to be female. Gender just seems like another limitation.

Kellan, They/Them


So, as you can see, Non-Binary means a lot to a lot of different people!

And no one definition is right – Non-Binary is a grey area, it’s a personal experience, and that’s why it’s different for everyone.