TW: Gun Violence, Death, Mass Shootings


In 2012, America saw a deadly shooting happen in an Elementary school. For many countries, that would have been the turning point on guns; for America, they were okay with their children possibly dying for their right to have an assault rifle.
Last week, February 14th, 2018, saw another deadly school shooting in Florida.


With seventeen dead, the country was talking about Thoughts and Prayers instead of how to prevent parents and children from having to go through this heartache again.
And the fucked up thing is that just days after such a deadly assault – once again with an AR-15 – several gun stores thought it would be a swell idea to try and sell more of them…
Yes, because that’s the way to solve mass shootings… Buy more guns.
The children in the school where the latest shooting happened will be protesting for gun control – and I’m proud of them. I hope they get what they want.