I got turned down for a job today because I was unqualified to do the job. What qualification didn’t I have to prevent me from getting a job as a receptionist?

Oh, that’s right… I don’t have a GCSE, A-Level, or Degree in ICT.

Which is stupid – just because I don’t have academically acknowledged knowledge, I therefore must be stupid when it comes to computers…

But then this happened – I went into the office to hand in an alternative CV in, in case other jobs became available, but while there I saw the man who had got the job.

Was he IT literal? Was he fuck.

He didn’t know how to copy and paste without using a mouse, change from one application from another without using a mouse, didn’t know what Google Chrome was, didn’t know that his emails opened in Outlook. He also didn’t understand how to reset his password, even though there were onscreen instructions to do so…

Now, I don’t often rant about it because it’s not important, and I couldn’t give a fuck. But, why did a guy who is qualified, but couldn’t have passed the test we took, get a job he clearly can’t do – while I didn’t get it?

Is it simply because the men interviewing me wanted a Cisgender, White Man?

I don’t know. And I don’t think I want to know.

If they’re willing enough to hire someone who clearly lied on their CV, I’m happy to not be working for them.