Britain – the greatest country in the world…

There are several issues with that statement. Let me explain:

  1. Britain isn’t the greatest.
  2. Britain isn’t a country.

Why are we not the greatest country? Well, how can we be the greatest country when we’re not a country but a union? Britain isn’t a country, we’re an establishment of countries.

And why can’t we be the greatest? Because the mass population of this nation are ignorant.

The question is, are we ignorant by choice or by nurture? Well, it’s both.

As children, we are taught about The Great British Empire; we basically get taught about how well we killed hundreds of thousands of people… Such a great example to show our children, right? No.

1So, evidently, we end up raising children who are privileged little shits. But, hey! We’re not ignorant right? Oh, we are. Those privileged little shits end up being ignorant little shits once we tell them that English is a very widely spoken language, and after paying for an all-inclusive holiday to Spain, that little shit of yours now thinks that nobody speaks Spanish, and therefore – flunking the subject in high school will just make them look cool.

But, that’s okay – right? Because when you go on holiday to a foreign country, the foreigners will speak English! Right? Yeah, because they’re super nice and think that you shouldn’t have to learn things on your holiday.

Until it’s their turn to come on holiday to Britain, and then we insist that they learn English, because why should we have to learn a language to please foreigners? They do it for us… In a lot of countries, so why don’t we learn languages for them?

I have a few friends who speak multiple languages, simply because it can get them more job prospects – why? Because businesses like Premier Inn are hiring people who are Bilingual or Multilingual so that holidaymakers feel more at home! But, God forbid companies expect English people to learn a second or third language, right? No, it’s simple – learn a language, better yourself, make friends in other countries, stop being an ignorant git.

I’m not saying that you should learn an entire language for a weekend away in Spain or France; what I am saying is, try learning some of their lingo for when you go on holiday, even if it’s just you asking them if they can speak English; asking where the bathroom is; asking for coffee; or just asking for a glass of water.

Think about it – other countries, such as Poland, France, Germany, and Spain, try to make sure that everyone can speak at least two languages! When I went to Poland, my exchange student – who was 2 years younger than me (I was 13) – spoke fluent English, yet I didn’t know a single word in Polish… And when I had a student from the Czech Republic, she also spoke fluent English. She was 15, I was 14… I couldn’t say a word in her language.

So, this is me, begging: learn something new – don’t fall into the ignorant trap that we’re brought up in, within the UK.