I don’t like Gender Reveals, simply because they’re 90% forced and 10% bullshit. But, a friend of mine had a gender reveal party, simply to fuck with her family.

Let me set the scene…

My friend, Annie, found out her baby’s gender (sex) a week before the party, she didn’t tell her partner, she just got the cake made and did the party.

However, upon cutting into the cake… It was revealed that the Pink or Blue frosting had been replaced with Green…

Why? Because Annie had found out that her baby was possibly intersex!

And, without a doubt, on arriving into the world, Baby Brooke was found to be intersex!

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

Ze’s intersex.

Annie and Jesse decided on gender-neutral pronouns for their baby, simply because they don’t know what ze is yet. They’re going to watch out for signs of any kind of gender as ze grows, they’re really good with zir, and I’m so proud of them for being upstanding parents that decide their child has to fit the binary.

Why did Annie have a Gender Reveal in the first place then?

Because she wanted to piss off the binary pushing arseholes in her life that send her gifts saying “with nuts or without?” and “Pretty she or bouncing he?”


Annie is effectively my hero, she pissed off a whole lot of Cis people, just to prove a point that there aren’t just two sexes, let alone two genders.


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