What do you need to make your midweek morning good?

What do you need to wake up? What do you need to become a fully functioning human?

Here’s what I need:

  • My glasses: because otherwise, I can’t see… At all.
  • Food: for me, it can be any kind of food – I’m not joking; I will eat Curry, Cheese on Toast, Pizza, Cheesy Broccoli, and even mashed potato for breakfast. Fried crickets? I’d probably eat it for breakfast if it was morning and the only thing I could eat.
  • Music: I need to be able to daydream a little in order for my brain to get out of full dream mode!
  • A drink: I don’t drink just anything with my breakfast, I drink specific things, like – chocolate milk, milk, flavoured water, or coffee (cold brew, because I’m Satan 😉 )


So, what do you need to wake up on a morning? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook Page, or on Twitter!

Have an awesome day!