I frequently get irritated by white people saying that they suffer from racism. It’s annoying because last time I checked – white people know where they’re from; they know they can get away with more crime than everyone else; they know they’ll be able to get into a posh school; and they know that they can shoot a POC and claim self-defense, and get away with it.

So, here’s a woman that I have a serious fucking issue with – this woman was in a GP, from what I can tell, with her son because he had chest pains. The practice offered the boy to be seen, but the woman refused because she wanted a white doctor…

Just have a look at the video:

This woman thought that she was being attacked for being white – nah, honey; let me explain why you were being attacked. 

You were being attacked for being a racist piece of shit.  You were more interested in having a white doctor for her son than her son being seen by a qualified doctor who could find out the cause and possibly stop his chest pain! But hey, what do I know!

Now, to the two people who attack this woman for being white. I just want to say that you’re amazing, you’re role models, and you are exactly how the world should be when dealing with racist shitheads.


Written by: Amore Kasey