The world is a fucked up place, but in the dumpster that is the USA – something is happening that I love.

This is something that I love hearing about, because if it wasn’t for places like Mic, this sort of news wouldn’t reach across the pond.

So, let’s talk about all those white, racist, horrible monuments that America has dotted around in every fucking state for no real reason…

In New York, they have a monument to a doctor, J. Marion Sims, who didn’t give Black Women anaesthetic because they don’t feel pain. (He said that, and some doctors still believe it….)

In many southern states, there are monuments to their civil war Hero generals… They weren’t heroes – they were monsters.

But, I found a video on The Movement’s facebook page which I adore because it’s all about equality and monuments dedicated to POC who fought for the rights of others. Have a look at the video, it’s beautiful:

Now, I want to explain my choice of featured image – Marsha P Johnson.

She was an activist who was involved in the Stonewall uprising, she was all for LGBT+ rights, and unfortunately, her life was cut short when she was killed in 1992. Her death was labelled as a suicide, but she’d suffered blunt trauma to the back of the head, and a man was heard saying he’d killed a queer called Marsha. Now, I don’t know about you – but a powerful woman died, and her death was covered up and left uninvestigated, and I think such a life should be memorialised for everyone to see and love her for who she was.