TW: Murder, Abuse, Transphobia.





It’s been known that Trans folx are one of the most killed in the LGBT+ community – simply because they’re Trans.

There’s been a lot of uproar about the abuse women face over the past few years – mainly because of the disturbing sexual predator who is currently the President of the United States, the horrific actions of a movie producer who has raped and abused women for decades, and the reality of a gay man using his sexuality as an excuse to attack vulnerable young men and boys.

The past two years have been horrific for women, but for some reason – feminists only seem to be looking at themselves.

Cisgender women have been protesting over the past year, using slogans like:

Public Cervix Announcement: No Uterus, No Opinion.

The Future is female!

[Insert diagram of uterus and ovaries…] This machine kills facists.


But, please – continue telling me how only people with a uterus and those able to bear children are the ones who need to protest.

Let me explain my issue with the women’s march – it’s not that women are protesting, that’s exactly what I want to happen. But, what I don’t appreciate is the lack of inclusion.

Women at the march seem to only focus on one thing – reproductive rights. And I get why they need to protest for those issues, but where’re the protests over the number of Trans women being killed?

58 women were killed last year, that we know of. 58 Trans Women. And that doesn’t sound like a lot, right? But that’s more than one death a week, for a percentage of the world which is extremely small.

There were 25 in the USA last year, and to make it worse – I’m pretty certain the majority of them were Black Trans Women, too.

And this year, to make it worse – in the first week of 2018, there were two Trans killings in the first week.

So, when the Women’s March came around – I was unsure about who would be supporting and representing Trans folx.

But, luckily, we have this guy:


Written by: Amore Kasey