So, I’ve finally received my binders, and here is my review.

– Is the binder comfortable? Yes, it’s incredibly comfortable! It’s tight but not tight enough to stop me from breathing properly.

– Is the binder worth the cost? Yeah, it was £50 for a pack of three, while three from GC2B would be £75.

– How well does it bind? It flattens enough for it to look natural but not enough to make you look completely flat.

– Is the fabric breathable? Very much so, it’s easy to wear and doesn’t cause you to overheat.

– Is the binder noticeable underneath shirts? No, it’s pretty discreet and it’s tuckable into your trousers/jeans.

– Did people notice me wearing it? A few people noticed, mainly people that see me daily.

If you’re in need of a binder, I highly recommend these! Click HERE for to go to the eBay page!