Hey guys!

We’ve decided to do a Short Story/Poetry contest…it’ll be done maybe two or three times a year and our first one starts on the 1st of February. The reason for this is to help raise funds so we can become a proper registered charity…as such, there is an entry fee of £5 and because it is a combined competition, Cas and I agreed there’ll be a winner for each section. One winner for the Poetry entries and one winner for the Short Story entries…I’ve created a poster for it with all the details so those who want to enter can check it out; I’ve also posted it on our Facebook page. The winners get to decide which volume of our Anthology they’d like as part of the prize (the other part is a bar of chocolate); though keep in mind, our second volume won’t be published until the 26th of March so if you want a copy of that volume, you’l have to wait until we can get some copies in. The winners will be announced on our facebook page and then contacted via PM so we can get their address to post out their prizes…they will also need to inform us of any allergies to chocolate or its ingredients so we can make sure to get something the winner can actually eat. Anyway, enter if you want to or just spread the word; we’d like to see quite a few entrants.

Kyrena x