It annoys me when people say that certain people, depending on their mental health, should live in a particular place…

“If you have PTSD, you should live in the countryside!”

“If you have depression, you should live by the sea!”

How about we stop doing this? How about we let people choose where to live because they know best where they’ll feel comfortable!
And, can we talk about the notion that mental health issues are curable by fresh air?
Mental Health issues are not curable, in any shape or form. If someone has PTSD, MDD, or OCD – they always will – they will learn to cope and handle it, but they won’t get rid of it.
Some people need medication to help with their issue. Some people don’t need a prescription. Some people need a balance of both medication and counselling, while others may not need any help, they cope better alone.
Some cope better with a friend to talk to, some cope better with a medical professional.
No one solution is going to help everyone with the disorder.
Everyone’s issues are different.
And that’s the reality that we need to think of when fighting the stigma of Mental Health.