Sundays are the best,
and the worst.
Sundays give you time
to relax and chill,
knowing that Monday
comes next.
On a Sunday,
you try to chill
and wind down
but end up winding up.
Sundays are terrifying.
Sundays are the time
where you realise
that the weekend is almost over
and that you’ve not got any work done
that you needed to do for Monday.
That’s a Sunday…

Monday is just as bad…
Monday, you expect would be a good day –
back at work and happy to be there…
But you’re not.
You get the bitchiest clients,
the most annoying colleagues
pestering you,
and now your manager
wants you to do overtime…
All you want to do is sleep,
but you can’t because
you’re stuck at work
earning enough overtime
to get a full wage…
Having to work extra,
to avoid losing out.
Working extra and not
seeing the money for it.
It’s irritating,
but that’s a Monday.


By Amore Kasey