This year has been mystical!

We’ve grown and loved, and although a lot of shit has happened…

A lot of good has happened, too. I wish I could say the good out shon the shit, but I can’t. It’s been a pretty bad year.

But, it’s over, and we can hope for the best for the new year.


We’re hoping that the new year will give us some new opportunities!

But first, some good things that have happened for us, this year:

  • We reached over two thousand members in our community!
  • We almost beat our record of WordPress views (Record: 5582, Total for the Year: 4372)
  • We had the least amount of hate mail – thanks to our moderators and writers keeping an eye out for TERFs, Homophobes, and Racists.


So, let’s wish for a better year in the next one!