As the world focuses on the idiocy that is President Donald Trump – Theresa May has revealed the Brexit plan, which has left the government and the UK angry.

There has been some good that has come out of it – for example:

  • EU Citizens will be allowed to remain within the UK – whether they’ll have the ability to vote is yet to be discovered.
  • UK Citizens will be allowed to remain within EU countries – whether they’ll have the ability to vote within the country of their residence is currently unknown.
  • There will not be a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland – this keeps the countries working in unison and without the need for military and border control in a place that has been on edge for decades.

The problem?

Theresa May offered the EU £20 Billion for the divorce bill, which was then driven up to £40 Billion, and has settled at £47 Billion.

It’s a bit strange… But we’re currently stuck with it…

The government took a vote, and everyone voted against May – so we may have to work on a new deal. I suppose we’ll find out eventually.