Recently a new book has been released – as a published author and as an Autistic person, THIS BOOK IS A PIECE OF SHIT!

If you don’t know who Judith Newman is, then you’re safe! Stop here, don’t go any further. You don’t need to know about this shit human…

But if you do know her, then continue. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t buy her book To Siri With Love.

Newman wrote the book, which centres around her real life, Autistic son… So, instantly it’s a breach of privacy.

Newman believes Autistic people need their parents or someone to care for them indefinitely because we apparently can’t function without people, so it’s a travesty when our parents abandon us because they don’t understand what Autism is (this happened to me, my parents kicked me out, and I ended up being raised by my Aunt until I was sixteen, then I lived alone). We’re not fragile!

Newman believes that her son shouldn’t procreate due to his Autism… She wants a medical power of attorney over her son when he gets to eighteen so she can get him a vasectomy… Which isn’t going to work. Why? BECAUSE HE HAS CAPACITY! (Capacity is measured by whether or not the person can take information and make an informed decision.)

She clearly thinks her son lacks Capacity… But he most likely doesn’t, from what she’s written and what I’ve read – he very much has Capacity.

This pathetic woman also suggested that she listens to the Autistic community… Did she? I don’t think so. Her book goes against everything the Autistic community has been fighting for, and when we point it out on twitter – she BLOCKS them!


The book is literally an ableist statement – all I can say is, if you want to read it – get it from your local library. Don’t waste money on this trash.

Now, I’m going to go and have a lie down because my head hurts from the amount of ignorance I just had to trawl through for a three hundred word rant…

If you want to keep up with the shit around the book, check out Twitter under the hashtag #BoycottToSiri.

Try and have a good day everyone…

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Written by Amore Kasey

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