In life, you need to protect everything. It’s like adding an extra coat of varnish to your favourite outdoor chair.

For me, I have a lot of varnishes.

When writing my books, I protect them via copyright! I also make sure they’re edited correctly (to the best extent possible).

In life generally, I make sure to look professional – even with extremely bright hair. Looking a certain way will always give you a better advantage.

Being honest is a good varnish, too.

Another varnish for me is when I wear my noise proof headphones so I can get away from frightening noises in the supermarket, this helps my PTSD and Anxiety.

My varnish for art is to have everything organised so my OCD is calm – I hate pencils that aren’t in order, they need to be in the correct order.

You have a lot of Varnishes to make sure you get where you want to go, so what are your varnishes?

Daily Prompt: Varnish


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