I’ve moved a lot in my life. I’ve lived in three separate houses, I’ve been to two primary schools, and one high school.

Though, if I could have chosen to move, I would have stayed at my first primary school, and avoided the high school I ended up in.

My high school was horrible – between Transphobic and Homophobic comments and physical abuse, all it did was leave me with thick skin and scars.


I don’t know about you, but for my sanity, I need to live in a place where there isn’t much noise. This is mainly due to my mental health – I really can’t handle noise. So, for me – I’d love to live in the Scottish Highlands or the Lake Districts.

Although Yorkshire is nice, it’s becoming overly crowded.

But, I have a question for you. Where would you like to live? Leave your desirable place in the comments below, or tell us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Written as part of the Daily Prompt: Relocate

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