The past two years have been… Horrific, to say the least. Between the decline of Health Care, Abuse, and general terror, the entire world has been left hanging, waiting for the world to dry out.

Let’s start off with Health Care, shall we? The NHS is failing, it has been for a while – but it’s not because of the doctors or nurses, it’s because of:

A. Irresponsible Patients


B. The people who run the NHS.


Now, let me explain who these Irresponsible Patients are: they’re the people who get drunk every Saturday and end up needing medical assistance after having a drunken fight or possibly drinking too much. If you’ve ever had to go to a hospital in a major city, within the UK, on a Friday or Saturday night, or even a Sunday morning, you’ll know that hospitals are utter chaos due to drink and drugs.

Why do people drink so much? Well, unfortunately, I was given an excuse while in the hospital waiting to have a lump in my breast checked – the woman was drunk and awaiting medical treatment after having a brawl with another woman in the street in London. She told me this:

I drink more on a Friday night because I haven’t drunk all week.

Now, I don’t know about you… But that logic is not only incredibly pathetic, but it’s also dangerous! Just because you haven’t drunk all week, doesn’t mean you should have 15+ units in a single night, which can lead to alcohol poisoning. This also puts a strain on the police due to the number of fights caused by alcohol consumption.

Then, there’s the NHS bosses and the government. These guys are arsewipes. When Brexit campaigns were happening, the leave campaign advertised that £350mil would be left unspent if we left the EU, allowing it to be spent on the NHS.

Is it true? No, not even close!

The NHS is basically a skeleton crew, lacking training, and extremely underpaid.

What do you mean by lacking training?

I mean, where’s the support for people with mental health problems when they turn up at a hospital? The amount of times people end up in hospital after a suicide attempt, just to then be ridiculed by staff is terrible. And on top of that, they don’t seem to understand how to avoid making the situation worse!

A young man, who wishes to remain unnamed but has given me permission to talk about his situation, had attempted suicide after being disowned by his parents for being a trans man. The man was distraught, depressed, and was suffering from major dysphoria due to constant misgendering and deadnaming. How did the hospital staff help the situation? They didn’t. They kept referring to him as she/her as well as deadnaming him, even though their documentation was in his new name.

To make matters worse, two members of staff attempted to persuade him from being a trans man in order to make his parents happy and went on to make comments such as:

But you’re such a pretty girl!


You just need a make-over to look more feminine.

These members of staff were investigated but no action was taken against them, as the pair didn’t understand what “Transgenderism” (yes, they called it that!) was.

So, they – themselves – put it down to being a lack of understanding, and therefore a lack of training. In the medical field of science, specifically medicine, it would be much better if the professionals were trained to be professional, don’t you think?


Now onto Abuse, because there’s been plenty of it! Harvey Weinstein is now one of the most known perverts in the world, it seems. And of course, Kevin Spacey tried to put his Paedophilic ways down to the fact he’s Gay. But, we all know the truth about this entire scenario. Although, we hate the situation, and it’s horrific the things that have been done, the people coming forward about these predators have not only shown immense courage and bravery but have also demonstrated how people should deal with abuse – by reporting it.

But, the horror of it is – is that although so many women announced and raised awareness of these crude acts, most people commented saying that they didn’t believe the allegations… But, that all changed when bigger, more popular women announced the same situations. Strange, isn’t it?

And to make matters worse, this year we had the #MeToo hashtag going around, and it was terrifying how many people had gone through abuse. But, of course, a large portion of men said:

Not all of us though…

Really? Fucking really? Out of everything you could have contributed, you decided to play the “You’re being sexist towards me because people like me have been sexist towards you!”

If you don’t know the #MeToo campaign wasn’t just about rape and sexual assault, it was also about harassment and sexism, as well as verbal abuse.

So, why did so many men say Not all of us though…? It’s simple: Because those fuckers didn’t get the point!

We weren’t saying that it was ALL MEN. We didn’t say it was ALL of ANYTHING. What we were saying is that there are TOO MANY MEN to give the impression that men are sexist arseholes; there are TOO MANY MEN who violently attack PEOPLE (not just women) because it brings them pleasure.

We never said it was all men, we simply said that there is too many.


Then came the debating of Stealthing… Stealthing is when a person takes off their condom halfway through intercourse, this could lead to STI or STD transmission or pregnancy. So, why do people do this? Because they’re arseholes! It shouldn’t be done, by anyone, but it happens. Some people have come up with ideas to avoid it, like glow in the dark condoms – they take it off, you can see they have. But, what did the internet say?

How about just sleeping with one man, and then this wouldn’t be a problem! Don’t be such a whore!

Are you fucking kidding me?

Pal, let me explain: just like you, women are allowed to have multiple sexual partners. If a woman likes sex, what’s the problem? They should be allowed to have sex without being given an STI/STD. If a man had sex with a woman with an STI or STD, he’d be the first to moan about his scrotum being itchy. So, why do women have to deal with the bullshit, while men are allowed to play around?

Anyone, of any gender or sex, can enjoy and participate in sex. I’m not saying it’s okay to cheat – because it’s not – but if you’re in an open relationship or single, what should stop you from having fun? Certainly not a load of double standards.

Then, there’s female stealthing. This became a thing early in the year when people complained about general stealthing. Apparently, female stealthing is when women don’t take the pill but say that they do – which is pretty fucking shitty. But, the main problem people have with this is when they’re sleeping with a woman they don’t know… HOW ABOUT YOU WEAR A CONDOM SO YOU DON’T GET ANY ISSUES?

The pill only stops pregnancy – so why risk getting someone pregnant or getting an STI or STD because you don’t want a bit of latex on your wang?

C’mon people! Wrap it and keep your pink skins safe!

Let me put it simply for you – whether you have an innie or an outie, you need to use a condom!

Lesbians with a play toy? Solution: get 2 condoms, wrap the toy up before use, swap the condom when switching to the other person.

Gay men? Solution: Wear a condom, replace it after 30 minutes.

Hetero couple? Solution: Wear a condom, replace it after 30 minutes.

Anyone else having intercourse or sexual play? Solution: WEAR OR USE A FUCKING CONDOM.


And that’s been this entire year… It’s fucking shit. Trump is president, somehow, still; Theresa May offered the EU £20mil, they asked for £40mil, and now we’re for some reason paying them £57mil; Stealthing exists, for some reason; and a lot of people have come forward about the trauma they’ve faced.


All I can say is this: How weird is it that we live in a world where an actor playing a fictional president is held accountable for his paedophilic, sexual predator actions, while another gets elected as president?


Written by Amore Kasey

Written as part of the Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks


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