Winter Holidays are always a favourite – no matter your religion, you’ll probably be receiving gifts – though, if you don’t, you can gift yourself in the January sales! So, there’s always something possible to get, right?

Well, depending on your age will dictate what you want.

If you’re around the age of 2-10, you’ll probably want a toy – right? Science kits, dolls, building blocks… That sorta thing!


If you’re between 11-18, you’ll most likely want something along the lines of a computer, new phone, or a new iPod.


And if you’re over 19, and anything like me, you’ll probably want something along the lines of a book, socks, clothes, or maybe just food… And I can’t blame you. I get excited every time someone gets me a new pair of pyjamas!

If you’re in the last bracket, we have something for you! No, it’s not socks. It’s our Anthology! If you still haven’t purchased it, click the covers below to go see the purchase page. All the money will be coming to us so we can help those in need within the LGBT+.


Though, I’m interested in knowing what you want this holiday season! Tell me in the comments below or message us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Written as part of the Daily Prompt: Age

Written by Amore Kasey