I enjoy going to the zoo. I’ve never found anyone who hates the zoo…

Though, I’ve also never seen anyone love a zoo, or wild animals, enough to have sex in front of them.

You may have heard this a few weeks ago, apparently, in Kenya, a pair of male lions decided to have some one on one action. And it was magnificent!

But, according to Kenyan officials, they believed the male lions were merely copying gay men…

Now, I don’t know about you guys – but I don’t think anyone is that enthusiastic about the possibility of death.

Like, I know some people have exposure or catch fetishes – which basically means they get turned on by possibly getting caught having sex or masturbating… But I find it highly unlikely that two gay men in Kenya are going to go into the bush and have some fun… Plus, isn’t it more likely for the lion to kill and eat them rather than just watching their execution of brown town?

Just think about it…

Written as part of the Daily Prompt: Zoo

Written by Amore Kasey


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