When something is broken, it’s broken forever.

You smash a plate or a cup; no matter how much glue you use, it will never be the same again.

It was the same with her. She was broken; broken by her lover.

When she met him, he was perfect. He was kind and caring, funny and supportive. But as time went on, he began to ruin her.

When she met him, she had passion and drive; she was powerful and independent. But it went south quickly, she got lost; the light in her eyes dimmed; she was demotivated, depressed, and dependent on him.

It started when he kept her from working; he killed her passion and motivation, leading to her depending on him. He provided money, food, shelter, drugs…

To cope with her pain, she took what he gave her. His primary drug of choice was heroin, he didn’t use it – he just sold it and gave it to her; he fueled her habit and lead to her depend on him further.

She could get out, but he manipulated her. He knew which buttons to press, he knew how to keep her close. He isolated her, prevented her from seeing her friends and family, blamed her for the way he treated her, blamed her for his cheating ways.

She was broken, she’ll never be fixed – that’s just not how it works. What has happened to her will stay with her forever. But, just because she’s broken, doesn’t mean she’s hopeless.

He may have broken her, but she could still recover. Will she? It’s unlikely. With the lack of family and friends, the lack of love and reason, she’s likely to remain.

Her dependence fed her drug habit, her habit fed her depression, her depression fed her suicidal thoughts.

In 2014, she attempted suicide. Not wanting to live in a world of despair and heartache.

She survived, having been stopped by a bystander. Who was she? She was me.


Written by Amore Kasey


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