Maxem is a poet, and they definitely know it (YES, I DID JUST DO THAT). Here is my interview with Maxem.

What is your favourite genre?

Poetry, in all forms. Its beautiful, silly, evoking. You can do all sorts of things with words. It can be visual, or visceral. Even if it’s awful the worse it is the better it gets. I’m a big fan of bad poetry.

Who, or what, inspired you to write?

In elementary school, we had to write poetry books in class. I wrote more than anyone else and really took to it. Most of it was little kid garbage but I enjoyed doing it and never stopped. Now I write performative works.

Are there any writers, artists, or public figures that have inspired or influenced your work?

Sylvia Plath. She always used such amazing gut wrenching imagery and I absolutely admire it. If I could even once capture that emotionally in my works I’d be satisfied.

Do you use the Oxford Comma?

Yes. Because sentences like: Rachel Ray enjoys cooking her family, and her dog; are TERRIFYING. I don’t use written punctuation in any of my poetry because its meant to be spoken and most of what I actually write down are just notes on tempo and volume.

Have you been published or is there a piece of work that is going to be available for purchase soon?

I don’t sell my work. It’s meant to be seen and heard. If I ever do write something that’s meant to be read I might sell digital copies on Etsy or Amazon.

Where can we find you or your work?

I perform at open mics in Seaside Oregon, or Omaha, Nebraska.


Here is some of Maxem’s work: