Alex Wolf, also known as Simply a Curious Fox, is an artist and writer. Here are my questions and their answers, starting with Art questions:

What inspires your artwork?

Anime, people.


How would you describe your art style?

Cutesy, creepy, anime.


Are there any artists that have inspired you or influenced your work?

Van Gogh.


Which kind of art do you prefer: Traditional, Digital, Photography, or 3D?

Drawing/painting, I love the colours and textures and layers you can create. I also am passionate about photography, it just captures a beautiful moment, and the symbol that moment can hold for the photographer.


Where can people find you and your work?

Facebook (my personal one; Alex Wolf, and one from my drawings/ paintings; Drawings from a Curious Fox.)


Where can people purchase your art?

I run through Facebook at the moment but hopefully my commissions and Paypal will be ready to go soon!


Writing Questions:

What is your favourite Genre?

I personally do not have a favourite genre because all of them have their own place in my writers heart.


Who, or what, inspired you to write?

Past experiences, Shakespeare and my psychologist.


Are there any writers, artists, or public figures that have inspired or influenced your writing?

My mum is a writer (she doesn’t publish her works.) and she kinda pushed me towards it as she thought it would be a go outlet for my pain and emotions.


Do you use the Oxford Comma?

I’ve never heard of it.


Have you been published or is there a piece of work that is going to be available for purchase soon?

I haven’t been so lucky to be published as of yet, but in saying that I haven’t exactly put myself out there.


Where can we find you or your work?

Mostly on Wattpad.



You can read samples of Alex’s work on Wattpad under the user of HarleyQuinn32.

Here is some of their artwork:

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