After we did our first Artist Interview with Shiloh Connor a couple days ago, I decided to interview more people. So, here is Sortofabit’s interview:

1. What inspires your work?
I use a lot of recycled materials in the things I make (coffee packets, tetra packs, metal drinks cans, ring pulls), and I started using that stuff because it was easy materials to have around – an endless supply – but also because everything I make is one less thing destined for landfill. I also like turning disregarded ordinary everyday things into something special.


2. How would you describe your art style?
It is a bit rough and DIY, but also, in a pretentious kind of way, a bit post-modern – the use of rubbish to make something more valuable.


3. Are there any artists that have inspired you or influenced your work?
DIY punk scene for the tetrapack stuff, and I sort of branched off from there. I had a friend some years ago who made strange hat things from rubbish, so I think she also planted some seeds of inspiration.


4. Which kind of art do you prefer: traditional, digital, photography, or 3D?
3D I think because it is something a bit more meaningful in some ways. The stuff I make is art but it is also useful, and I like that sort of crossover. Though I do also think good photography can be bordering on life-changing, as well as I enjoy to draw too – intricately detailed stuff.


5. Where can people find you and your work?
6. Where can we purchase your work?
I am getting my etsy shop together again. I closed it for a while, but I am in the process of making it happen again.


Here is some of their work:



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