I love art! And an artist that I have seen recently has sparked a flame of inspiration within me.

The artist is Shiloh Connor. I found them on Facebook, saw their work, and fell in love instantly!

So, here are the questions I asked and the answers they gave:

1. What inspires your work?
My partner, the people in my life, the media I consume.. I’d be hard pressed to name something that hasn’t inspired some of my work. My identity, love life and neurodiversity definitely inspire me in a lot of my work, but that’s only a fraction of what helps me create.


2. How would you describe your art style?
Relaxed, but not careless.


3. Are there any artists that have inspired you or influenced your work?
Oh, Definitely. Kouta Hirano is a big one in these past few years. His macabre exaggerative style inspired me to experiment with expressions, dynamic posing, line of motion, and other more present elements in my art. But, in all honesty, my grandmother was my first big artistic influence. When she was alive, she loved art in a way that really stuck with me. She’d keep massive amounts of art supplies in her house so that when my sister and I came to visit, we could draw all day if we wanted. I miss her dearly.


4. Which kind of art do you prefer: Traditional, Digital, Photography, or 3D?
Digital has always been an easier medium to manage, as I have a slight hand tremor, and most digital art softwares have corrective line smoothing settings.


5. Where can people find you and your work?
You can message me through all of them.


6. Where can people purchase your work?
I have prints available on Redbubble, an active Patreon, and I take commissions on request (and payment, har de har).


Want to see some of their work? We have some, with permission to exhibit:


Like their work? Make sure to follow them on their above social media, and if you’d like to make a donation to them or get a personal piece of work – use the button below to send them some monies!