Blue Genes

Around six months ago, I wrote Blue Genes, a story based on a man called, Max and a girl called, Tori.

The story was written to battle transphobia within the LGBT+ community, specifically the Gay community.

It’s horribly common that Bisexual people will refuse to date Trans (binary) people because:

I’m not Pansexual!

So, when a Binary Bisexual (someone who only likes Men and Women – although bisexuals can like other genders) says they only like Men and Women but refuse to date a Binary Trans person  – it’s quite an annoyance.

This lead to me writing the book. Max, initially, presents as a Gay Man (that’s just what everyone assumes and because some people say they’re Gay instead of Pan, because Gay is easier to explain than Pan) and his sister, Tori, who is a post-op Trans Woman. And then, there’s Samual – Max’s love interest.


But, I’m not going to tell you anything more. Why? Because you can get the book as an eBook!

You can purchase it on Lulu.

Click HERE for the eBook, and HERE for the Paperback.

All the profits will be going to LLLRanting so we can keep our work running and our site up.

I hope you enjoy it!