Hello, everyone!

As you know, Live Love Laugh Ranting, or LLLRanting for short, has been running since 2013. We have helped people with mental health issues, supported people who were facing discrimination, and overall providing information and entertainment for everyone.

We strive for human and civil rights, equality, and love. And in the years we’ve been working, we have done some stuff that has gotten us hated and loved, by different people for different reasons.


Let me explain:

While fighting for Religious Equality, I (Castiel) pissed off two groups. We got hate mail from them for about a year before I tackled the problem – and by tackle the problem, I did something simple – I hunted them down, just like they did me. They were so loud and outspoken online and in letter form – which I had sent to me at school and college – but as soon as I found them in real life, that changed. Why? Because I told their parents. I talked to the mothers of the men – told them about the rape threats, the murder threats, and about their overall horrible language. It worked effectively, silencing them from being sexist, homophobic, transphobic little tw*ts. After that, I didn’t even have to tell the parents of the women, because the men warned them off. I wasn’t the only one that got abuse from them – Jesse and Elva got a lot of sh*t, too. And that made it all that bit worse, knowing that these tw*ts were getting into our systems and taking up precious time that could have been used helping people.

We’ve also got a little bit of love, giving us a relatively positive following.

A lot of sh*t happened, and I’m happy it did – because now I know what we have to do to continue going.

So, as you may know, we have been working to get LLLR registered. We’re hoping to register as a Charity so that we can pay our employees for the sh*t they have to go through.

We’re also wanting to run workshops, support groups, and have a phone line that you will be able to call and get help.

This is obviously in the early stages – mainly because I’ve never been able to think of this and because I don’t get most of the information provided by the government to do it.

But, I’m hoping to do it in the following year. It is my goal for 2018.

We’ll have more content, more helpers, more befrienders, more crisis workers, hopefully even some counsellors. And, places where you will be able to find us in real life!

But, for now. We have no clue. We’re slightly stuck, but we’re working on it.


So, I hope you have an awesome day!

Take care of yourself!