Everyone on the internet seems to be really pissed off – and you can’t blame them… Some of them.

Some examples of things to be pissed off about is the It’s not time to talk about gun control moment that happens after a white person shoots down a group of civilians; or when immediate action occurs after a POC guns down a group of civilians; or when a POC is shot for being a POC; or when a Nurse gets arrested for doing her job; or when people are so homophobic that they kill their kids; or when people are so transphobic that they even deadname their kid on their child’s tombstone!

These are all excellent reasons to be pissed the fuck off. I cannot blame any of you.

But, then there’re people being pissed off at someone identifying as Non-Binary, Gay, Trans, or any other label that somehow personally effects them in some way – these people have no right to be pissy. Why? Because someone’s sexuality or gender identity is not causing them a massive deal of disrespect, physical illness, or death.

My being graysexual does not hurt or kill you, it’s just how I identify!

But, like every argument, there is that one person that acts like a child because they have no point, they just disagree. So, because I’ve had too many arguments where I’ve lost due to people being irritating, I’m going to tell you whether you won the case or not, no matter who had the last word.

Did they answer your comment and just call you stupid?


Did they call you names?


Did they go to your profile, just to find a picture of you (if you have a non-you Profile Picture), just so they could insult your appearance?


Did they ask you why do you think you’re so smart? when you didn’t actually say anything about your intelligence?


Did they have an absence of facts, sources, and common sense?



Did you provide Facts, Sources, and had common sense?



Did you use up to date science? Not the bullshit they filled you with in High School twenty years ago!


Were you defending something or the fight against something? (Examples: Fighting against Discrimination of LGBT+, POC, Religion; challenging Ableists, Racists, Xenophobes, Homophobes, Genderphobes)



Then, congratulations! You won the argument! Well Done!


Hey, at least you actually had an argument to make. Defending a group of people against discrimination is terrific! If your feelings got hurt, just think about the people you supported and how grateful they’ll be about it.


Now, because I’m new – and I know I’m going to piss at least one person off, I thought it would be nice to piss off Castiel, our founder. But, in a way that won’t lead to me getting fired, or thoroughly hated. So, Cas – here’s a Castiel Gif for you!

Have an awesome day, everyone!

Written by Amore Kasey




Note From Castiel During Editing: