If you didn’t know… I now have a job!


And it weirdly didn’t take so long for me to get one – I’ve been unemployed since September, so it happened pretty quick. And it was a combination of luck and a lot of work! So, here are some tips!

  1. When applying for jobs, apply for variety – a little bit of everything. Bar work, retail, admin, warehouse, etc.
  2. When applying for jobs, do not use the same CV for everything! If you’re applying for Bar work and Warehouse, they are two very separate jobs. Make multiple CVs. I think I ended up with about 25 altogether by the time I got this job…
  3. Cover letters! If it says a cover letter is optional, don’t ignore it! Put a cover letter or message with your CV/Application! A CV tells them the basics, a cover letter tells them a little bit more about you and why you want the job.
  4. If there is a Reference Number on the site, right it on your application form or CV. But, don’t put Ref#5692743, write Reference Number, not just Ref#, companies can be picky.
  5. If they asked for something doing, make sure to do it. If you hand a CV in, and they ask for an Application form filling out, don’t send them ANOTHER CV. They get it, your CV looks cool, but an Application form will demonstrate your writing ability and how you act toward work. A CV is easy to put together, no matter how many you make. An Application form can be trickier, and they want to see your reaction to it.

That’s all the suggestions I have, really. They’re the key things that got me where I am now, and so far I enjoy it! So, we’ll see.

Take care and happy job hunting!