His account was taken and it’s hilarious! Why? Because we have been waiting for it for so long. Unfortunately, Twitter didn’t agree with the suspension so it was put back up eleven minutes later. But, hey – that’s what happens when a failing platform needs funding, they keep a serial abuser on the platform.

So, let me explain. Donald J Trump has this thing about slandering a group of people and companies on Twitter, that’s basically the sole purpose of his twitter account.

And if you haven’t read Twitter’s community standards, it states that accounts for the sole purpose of slander are not allowed. Yet, Trump’s account was taken out of suspension and given back to him. Why?

Because Twitter is apparently on the decline – meaning fewer people are spending money on there, and people are losing their shit. So, the best way to keep the platform running is simply letting a tyrant continue his ways, abusing groups of people without reason, being a complete fucking nazi, and taking his money in return.

It’s annoying as hell having to deal with their BS, but hey – I don’t have a twitter account, it’s all good!

However, if you do have a twitter account – feel free to hit us up at @lllranting we love hearing from you 😉


Have an awesome day everyone!



Written by: Elva Michaels