If you’re like me, and you want to work for a living, you may experience some extreme depression and anxiety due to being unemployed.

Being unemployed can really screw with your mental health. In recent studies, it has shown that unemployment has caused a massive inflation of mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression.

And of course, the government is asking why… As they always do. So, here is the answers:

  1. There are not enough jobs in the country for the 65+ million people that we have here because companies are leaving – why? Brexit.
  2. People who find it hard to get jobs are getting minimal help in finding jobs. Why? Because of the Tories.
  3. People who need to go on welfare in order to survive while looking for a job, have to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before getting any money. And, that money may only be £250, which won’t cover most of what people have to pay out. So, not only are they having to wait longer for welfare than they are for a wage, but they’re also having to survive on possibly a quarter of what they had coming in each month beforehand. Why? Because of the Tories.
  4. People aren’t getting the correct service from the new Universal Credit helpline due to the cost of it being up to 55p a minute, this has caused some people to not get their money over the past couple months because they can’t call up and fix problems when the ill thought out system screws up. Why can’t they contact the helpline due to the high fees? Because of the Tories.
  5. Are the Tories going to fix the minimum 6 week wait? No, because it saves them money by making some people A. Homeless, B. Starving, and C. Possibly Even Dead.

The one thing that has happened to help people in unemployment is that the helpline is now free – starting November 1st.

But does that help with the money worry? The fact that there aren’t enough jobs and there is hardily any support for new business’? No, it doesn’t.


I’m one of the lucky ones – after waiting 8 weeks for my first payment, I have now got a job which I hope to be starting soon.

But the people who don’t have a job, after two months, three months, six months, two years… They’re not getting the support they need.

The government needs to act on the issue instead of just pondering it in their fancy houses, with fridges full of food, clean water, and watertight rooves.

It’s funny how the ones with the most money, complain about the smallest of things.


Try living on £251 a month, Ms May. I doubt you’ll be able to survive.