Back in the 70s, there was a show called Porridge featuring Ronnie Barker. It was a comedy about a prison inmate in a fictional prison, and it was hilarious.

It’s one of those shows, with one of those actors, that you just don’t see people rebooting well in the future…

Until the original creators decided to produce a sequel episode last year. The episode had a 4.4 million viewership and was a hit with everyone, so the BBC commissioned a full series of 6 episodes.

Porridge – Series 1 is now available on BBC iPlayer, and it’s pretty amazing.

I loved Porridge when I was a kid, I probably shouldn’t have been watching it, but I did and I loved it.

So, the fact that the original creators have an input – I am so happy!

It’s pretty close to the original: a similar set; a similar douche-bag prison guard; a similar comedian for the protagonist; and they’ve also made the two connected, linking the current main character, Nigel Norman Fletch, to the original main character played by Ronnie Barker, Norman Fletch. The connection? Nigel is Norman’s grandson.


The show has been brought up to date with the current times of the world but keeps the classic humour that Barker had as Norman.

I loved the show, and have now watched all six episodes; now I just hope that they make more!


If you haven’t watched it already, take a look at it on BBC iPlayer!


Want to see a preview of the show? Here is a sneak peek of Episode One: