Teeth are an important part of our body – between saving your jaw from constant pain and keeping your digestive system working, teeth are a requirement for everyone – no matter their age.

Though, there are four teeth that I hate – Wisdom Teeth. You get one set of wisdom teeth and to be able to keep them instead of getting them removed, there is a certain way to keep them from having to be pulled. But first, I’ll explain the specifics and such…


Wisdom Teeth are called such because they usually arrive in adulthood, it’s as if they expect you to be wiser by the time you get them. For me, they started coming through when I was 12, but have one that has only just broken the skin – and I’m 20 at the end of this year. It’s a painful process for some, for me I kept getting what is called a Wisdom infection. A Wisdom Infection can cause you to have swollen gums, muscle spasms of the jaw on the most affected side, swelling of the throat, and throat pain. It can also cause headaches and migraines.

The main pain caused by wisdom tooth is the eruption – which is when the teeth push through, into your guns, and through the skin. This can hurt most when you don’t have room, which causes many people to have this taken out.

However, if you have gaps for them like me – they will come through with minimal pain. I had trouble with the infection but no problem with the eruption. In fact, I had so little of a problem with the eruption that I actually slept through my wisdom tooth pushing through. Obviously,  that may not be the case for you or for me with the rest of my teeth, but it can be pretty painless generally.

Now, in order to keep wisdom teeth, if you have the correct gap for them – it’s pretty simple: Make sure to brush them, one of the main reasons people have them removed – even with a gap – is that they haven’t brushed them, which has caused decay.

The best way to brush your teeth, to make sure you’re taking care of your wisdom teeth, is to push your brush right to the back when brushing on the side of your teeth closest to the cheek, then move your bottom jaw from left to right to make sure they’re having a bit of a scrub.



The thing that amuses me about Wisdom teeth is, it doesn’t make me any wiser – it just makes me want to sleep longer.