The NHS is wondering why people are going abroad for medical services, including – but not exclusive to – dentistry, cosmetic surgery, transition surgery, and even IVF.

Why? Why are people doing this? Why go abroad for something you can possibly get done for free at home?

Probably because the waiting times are terrible!

Would you want to wait years for IVF or Transition Surgery, when you can get it abroad, quickly, at a reasonable cost?


It’s pretty strange that the NHS is questioning why people go abroad for treatment, when they refuse to use new technology for Trans woman, IVF patients, and Cancer sufferers.

Well done, NHS – You’re still oblivious.

Maybe if you hired enough staff instead of stretching your junior doctors, GP’s, and nurses – we could actually have our teeth, IVF, and cancer treatment at home!

Hire the staff, get the waiting lists down to at least 6 months, and then you won’t have this problem!


Good idea for you, too – how about charging people who roll into hospitals pissed out of their minds on a Saturday night in an ambulance when those paramedics could be helping someone having an asthma attack, a cardiac arrest, or someone who has been in an accident!

Same situation with Police – if they get called to you because you’re being disorderly – they need to fine you. 53% of Police time is dealing with drunk people!


It’s not just the government causing problems, it’s us, too.