It’s not the first time that we’ve heard of children spending a lot of money when playing on their parents iPad. But now, it’s not just normal children’s games that could potentially land you in debt – it’s also gambling companies.

We’ve seen some weird things over the last few years – burger adverts being banned from our screens during certain hours or even from certain channels to refrain children from wanting a cheeseburger. But, unlike the cheeseburger adverts, this one is a little bit more sinister and needs to happen.

So, if you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know that some gambling companies are using certain images to sell their gambling activities… You’d think it would be something like sex or adult themed images – but instead, it seems like gambling companies are trying to tempt children into their gambling sites.

Some of the imagery they’re using is Piggy Payout, Peter Pan, Jack and the Beanstalk, Pirate Princess, and Fluffy Favourites. It doesn’t sound bad, does it? But wait until your kid goes on and spends £500+ in roulette…


How do we protect against this?

Simple – do not save your Apple iD password or Google Play password on your phone, theirs or your iPad. Make sure not to tell them the password – this won’t just protect them from gambling and you from debt, but it will also keep them cyber safe from online chatrooms and dodgy applications.

It’s not enough to just be street smart, anymore. You need to be Cyber Smart, too.