The money we put into the NHS via taxes goes on a wide range of things. One thing that it does is fund research into new medication. But for some reason last year they put £1billion into research for drugs that are unaffordable and completely unsustainable due to the cost.

It means that the medication that they’ve produced is going to cause people needing it to effectively pay twice! One for investing and then also buying it.


Just to put this into context – a drug that can help with breast cancer, called Palbociclib, has been developed by Pfizer. The problem? A course of the drug can cost almost £80,000 because of the company. So, not only are those who have no insurance losing their house due to the inability to work, but they’re probably going to die due to the lack of money or end up in some extreme debt in the long run.

But, campaigners have found that the drug could be sold for £1 per pill and still make a profit! However, the company doesn’t want to comply – selling the drug for 140 times that.

How can you justify that? I know I can’t. Luckily, the campaigners have had a small, short-term victory – getting the drug on the NHS free of charge for a small period of time. But how long will that last?


Between pharmaceutical companies and the NHS screwing us over, we’re not the only victims. GPs and Junior Doctors are having it just as bad thanks to Jeremy Hunt.

Not only is the NHS trying to stretch out their staff, they’re practically conning the public, too.


Written by: Amore Kasey