People post some weird things on the internet – and Facebook is one of the places we see these strange things.

I’ve found 10 that have made me laugh on some of my worst days, I hope you get a giggle out of them, too!


I hope this person doesn’t think that Maggie Smith was an actress from the 1920s…
Escalators – also known as zero effort stairs. Though, in this person’s defence – they do advise you to stay still for a while before moving to make sure no injuries happen. 
Who would even contemplate having a kid in the room while having sex? What on earth…?
The same people that probably think the world is flat.
How about parking and taking a nap? #DontTextAndDrive
You can obtain business cards from people before they die, ya know?
Someone doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the human body.
I think they missed Geography class…


If someone is Lactose Intolerant they can eat any kinds of eggs, just don’t give your kid cheese or milk.

And last, but not least – my favourite:


Funny how the people who try to shit on others, are usually the ones who are clueless.