I went to Trans Mission last week… And it was everything and more!

Trans Mission is a Charity that provides help and support for Trans and Gender Variant people. I first found them when I made friends with Lisa on Facebook. She seemed amazing and she accepted my friend request. It’s been

I first found them when I made friends with Lisa on Facebook. She seemed amazing and she accepted my friend request. It’s been a year or two since that happened, and I then met her last week. I was right, she is amazing. And so was everyone there – I got advice on binding, deed polls, and a lot of support.

It was just… Perfect. I had a really nice night and everyone was so nice! They helped me with the deed poll, so my name is finally legally changed. And they have offered to help with designing an illustration for our Charity Anthology.

So, I’ll do a rundown of what we spoke about:

Lisa suggested that every time someone asks about our genitals – because Cisgender people do that (ALL THE TIME) – to say: Okay, I’ll tell you about mine, but first tell me about yours… [Insert penis/vulva questions that will embarrass them in the same way they tried to embarrass you]

They saw me being squeezed uncomfortably due to my binder, then told me where to buy the ones they recommend – gc2 compression shirts. They’re similar to GC2B Binders but by GC2 Compression. They’re cheaper and you can do bulk orders and get discounts on binders and postage. You can find them HERE. Please, if you buy a binder like mine – that has hooks at the front, don’t wear it if it’s tight. And, if it rolls up on your sides, take it off immediately. I’m currently unable to wear a bra, binder, or crop top due to the bruising and a broken rib. Please, bind safely!

They helped me with my deed poll and printed it for me, Joan and Lisa signed as a witness’, too – which I highly appreciate! I couldn’t have chosen a better set of witnesses. It’s just appropriate that I have two, amazing trans women as my witnesses for the official start of my transition. I couldn’t be happier. Deed polls are entirely free, by the way – so if you need one to do one – and you’re a citizen of the United Kingdom, make sure to use this website: Free UK Deed Poll. Select Normal Deed Poll – you must be over the age of 18.


So, here is what I did on Wednesday:

  1. I called the DWP to fix my name, that took three hours and a trip to my local jobcentre so they could send my Deed Poll off. They changed my title to Mr due to Mx being unavailable.
  2. I have visited my local bank to change my name and title, HSBC have the option of Mx, so I took it. (Some banks will try to refuse a ‘DIY’ Deed Poll, even though each bank has a policy stating that they take them.
  3. I went in to see my Doctors/GP, who took a copy of my Deed Poll, changed my title to Mr and sent that off for me.
  4. I went to my Chemist/Pharmacy, who have also changed it to Mx.
  5. I called my Dentist, who also changed it to Mx.
  6. I called HMRC and got my name changed, though I believe my title will be Mr but it may be Mx – I will see when the confirmation letter comes through.
  7. I had to call Tesco to change my Clubcard, which was simple and Mx was an option.
  8. I called Organ Donors to change my name, Mx was an option.
  9. My jobcentre should now have the correct details but I will be double checking that on my next appointment.

It’s been a bit of a hassle but I have finished and completed all of this in five hours. I do have a few things and people left to inform but other than that, I am pretty much official.

Update: On Friday, the DWP refused to give me a letter confirming my benefit, meaning I have to call them again in order to get the letter so I can change my name on my bank account. Everywhere has been fine and dandy with it, but the DWP is being a pain…

I’m quite excited for my next letter to come through the door, knowing it will most likely have my name and title on it. It is the day I have been waiting for all my life.

That’s about it for this week. I hope this helps. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so happy.