Twitter – the cesspool of garbage, and the home to some of the most annoying people in the world – those people are mainly celebrities.

But, I do go on Twitter – every couple days – to see if there are any funny fails that can make me smile. Here are my current top 13:


I wonder how she felt when she was informed that you only stay pregnant for the initial nine-month term?



Obama had to speak to the country that was threatening nukes, now your president is friends with them – that should scare you more!


This kid either slept through Geography or just didn’t attend. #1 in 100 COUNTRIES – Asia, Africa, Antartica, Australia, North and South America, and Europe are Continents. 


The USA is America… -.-


Either this kid failed biology and Sex Ed, or it wasn’t taught… I didn’t realise how questionable our school systems were.






What part of the guy are you hugging?!


Ermmm… Mate, I think you mean Victims…


Such inspirational milk!


Tesco Mobile is Savage!


This sounds familiar…


Of course, that’s where I heard it! Paris Hilton who doesn’t understand that London is in England! Just like Miami is in Florida!


Onision has always been the sort of arsehole that most people want to punch! Especially when it’s okay for a man to wear make-up, but when it’s a woman it’s because she hates herself!


And finally, for the big finale! I present to you – Donald Trump with his Ignorant BS:


In 2012, he wanted to fight injustice! Now, he wants to silence those fighting injustice. Ironic, the world is still laughing at the USA. More now than ever.