Every time I go onto an LGBT+ post that is against Donald Trump, there is always that one Republican voter who says something along the lines of:

Trump hasn’t done anything to you! He supports the LGBT+! He held a Gay Flag!

And, they’re always wrong. Yes, he held a Gay flag, but not only has he taken protection and rights away from millions of people within the LGBT+, he decided it would be a good idea to speak at an Anti-LGBT+ Summit, where he said:

Homophobes will no longer be silenced.

But that’s obviously not enough to make him Anti-LGBT+ for some people. So, to go the extra mile – I just want to show you the leaflet that they handed out at this:

“What the medical and psychological research reveals…”

Yeah… Right! So, not only it is complete bollocks – it also doesn’t list any of these Medical sources, by the way – and it’s apparently a Public Health Crisis.

So, not only are they Anti-LGBT+, they also seem to be delusional.

On the plus side, you can tell it’s a scam – how?

Probably because a copy of the book costs $29.95 or an eBook of it is $9.95 – a bit much for a book that isn’t based on actual facts.


The next time someone says Trump is LGBT+ Friendly, just remind them of him taking away our rights, protections, and how he protects and celebrates Homophobes and Transphobes!


Written by: Elva Michaels