Biphobia is extremely common – this is because people seem to enjoy saying things like:

Pick a side!


Stop being greedy!

and a very common one…

You’re just confused.

But, I have something important to tell you – they’re not confused; Bi people exist and they are valid.

Although, Biphobia is something that mainly happens toward Bi people by Gay, Lesbian, and Straight people. There is some Biphobia within the Bisexual community. If you haven’t experienced this, then you’re doing well – or you may be one of them who are being Biphobic.

Let me explain – Bisexual means you find two types of people sexually attractive – the most common (and the ones causing the problem for other Bi folx) are those who are attracted to Males and Females. There is no problem with this – of course, not every Binary attracted Bi person is Biphobic – but it’s becoming a problem.

Some Bisexuals are attracted to more than just the two binaries. Some are attracted to Females and Non-Binary people, others are attracted to Males and Genderfluid people.

People who are into Enby people are usually Pansexuals… But that’s not true.

Bisexual means you’re attracted to two genders – and with the spectrum of gender, why does Bisexuality have to only mean Binary?

It doesn’t, and it never has. But, for some reason, a lot of Binary attracted Bisexuals are invalidating Non-Binary attracted Bisexuals – not only in a stab at the Bisexuals but also to invalidate anyone who isn’t Binary and Cisgender. After all, a number of people we’ve had come to us – complaining that their Bisexual partner no longer wants them because they’ve come out as Transgender – but still binary – it’s highlighting the horror that is going on within the Bisexual community.

Not only are they invalidating other genders, but they’re even invalidating Binary Trans people. How can you justify loving someone for being something they’re not, but then rejecting them because they’ve come out as the opposite Binary… When the Bi person is into both Binaries?

It’s a similar situation that we have with a lot of the world – people seeing Trans Women as just Transgender and not as the women that they are.

Bisexual is the love of two genders – if you’re into Binary, fair enough. But don’t invalidate someone else’s Bisexuality because they like a Non-Binary person.