A lot of people seem to miss the point, nowadays.

Nazis walking down the streets of America is Freedom of Speech, but a black man kneeling during the anthem while protesting hate and injustice is a Hate Crime against the states!

Obviously, I don’t think that way. I’m in alignment with Colin Kaepernick and The Young Turks.

But, a lot of America seems to be having a problem with us speaking out against Mr Donald Duck… Trump! I meant Trump… Ya know, he may as well be a cartoon character, he certainly has the common sense of one. After all, even Donald Duck dressed up as a Nazi, once… But their problem is that:

There’s too much hate in the world!

God forbid we speak against people killing others because of the colour of their skin, sexuality, religion, ability, or gender.

People seem to misunderstand the difference between hate and acting against hate. So, I’ve come up with an example of hate and action against hate:

Hitler and the Nazis killed millions because of their skin, religion, sexuality, gender, and heritage; this was an act of hate.

The Allies (Britain, France, Czech Slovakia, Poland, India, Ireland, etc) fought to save people and stood against the horror of Hitler and the Nazis.

But, please! Continue telling me how forcing people to stand for the anthem and forcing patriotism is in anyway different from what Hitler forced the German population to do.

In a country where Freedom of Speech only seems to apply to Republicans like Tomi Lahren, who was fired for her Freedom of Speech, which she then sued TheBlaze for… But then encouraged the NFL to fire players for exercising the exact same right!

Her idea of the constitution is that you can have freedom of speech, as long as you’re not POC, LGBT+ or Muslim, and if you use your famous status and platform to reach out to millions in order to help and protect people, you’re a disgrace and against the constitution – in comparison to her, who used her platform and status to spew hate.

I think I’ll kneel with Kaepernick and raise money for those suffering, rather than support Lahren and Trump in their fucked up world of White Supremacy, Christian Evangelists, Rape Insurance, Homophobia, Genderphobic Bullshit.

What’s even funnier is when people say things like this:


Says the people who voted for Trump, a celebrity and reality TV star, while speaking about Eminem – who has recently written a diss track about Trump to identify that you cannot stand with Eminem while being a Trump supporter.

Eminem has the right message – he points out that Trump is more obsessed with the NFL than the victims of the recent Hurricanes.

But, I think that’s enough from me before I explode in a fireball of rage (losing Pagan points every second I write this article…). If you want to listen to Eminem’s diss track, here it is: