Wow! I am in my first year of university, doing something I love. How did I get this far?

After years of struggling with depression and anxiety, being diagnosed with autism a few months before starting university, years of struggling with trying to pass my GCSE’s and A Level’s, I have finally gotten to the last step of my journey before I become a teacher. Just four more years to go… Great!

In my third week of university and it is not what it is cracked up to be. I feel like it has dragged so much and it is so boring, no one or no theme gives you any motivation or inspiration to do anything good with the information that you are given. I am only in three days a week, two days of practical and one day of theory or lectures. I have taken Fine Art as a BA (Hons) Degree at Cardiff Metropolitan, and our first project is looking at concrete, exciting!! (Imagine that in the most sarcastic tone ever)

We take pictures of concrete or architecture that is made out of concrete and look for masses of concrete in nature, such as sculptures or disposed bricks for example. Once we have taken the pictures we process them on Photoshop to make them like a newspaper photograph, which basically is made of little dots. With that edited photograph, we put it onto a silk screen and then use it to make prints, onto paper, fabric or any flat object we can find, ironically, even concrete. The process is fun; however, looking at concrete can get boring after three weeks.

The people at university are still very immature, and still have their own little groups they bother in, which is horrible, because squeezing yourself into a new group of friends can be difficult as they do not accept who you are from the first impression, they judge and try and find out who you are from the start, which means they dig into your life without you knowing. I’m a year older than most of the people in my class, due to the fact I skipped a year to do my foundation year in Cardiff Arts Academy, which explains why I feel older and more mature than the group I am in. I find that everybody takes things way to literal and to offence these days too.

The food in university is very expensive. Like how?!

For a full meal for lunch is over five pound, which is a sandwich, crisps and for me a bottle of water. Nothing is subsidised for students, and everything on campus is branded such as Starbucks, which makes it even more expensive. You are not in debt from the loans; you are in debt from buying food to keep yourself alive!

Walking to university is a trek, but so beautiful and no matter what weather, it is the best part of my day due to the wildlife and the beautiful nature, right in the middle of Cardiff. It is a ten-minute bus journey to the Cardiff Castle, then a forty minute walk through Bute Park, which is just full of wooden sculptures, flowers and wildlife that are so used to humans that they come right up to you.

In conclusion, university may get better or worse, but my advice is to persevere, do what you need to do, to get where you want to be. Think about yourself first, then deal with everybody else. Who will love you if you don’t do it for yourself first? Nobody else is important, even close family and friends. Break hearts and forget about people, because you can get so much further alone.

If something bad happens, do not cry because in the end, will it really matter in 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years’ time? No, it will not. You are strong and you can do this!


Written by Bryony Amber Lewis