The Volunteer by Sarah Northwood, eEdited by Brian O’Gorman.


CAN A YOUNG GIRL MAKE ENOUGH TO MONEY TO PAY OFF HER DEBTS? Utterly alone in the world Sam is determined to make it on her own, she sees a chance to make some money and becomes a Volunteer for a clinical trial. IMPRISONED AGAINST HER WILL Imprisoned in hospital with no memory of what has happened to her in the last three weeks she is no longer the girl she was, something has changed. Beyond help and beyond hope, she knows only that she must survive, she must escape. A MONSTER IN A DOCTORS UNIFORM When Mr Bennett comes for Sam, he intends to extract the information he needs. Harbouring a dark secret, what lengths will he go to, to achieve his goals? SECRETS When Sam discovers Denny and Ryan, her mission to escape becomes a quest for the truth – and a race for freedom. What terrifying secrets will she uncover along the way?


Excellent Thriller!

I would recommend you read The Unravelling first then this book afterwards. A totally genuine storyline had to read it all in one sitting. I don’t do spoilers you will have to read.

This is one of those books that once you start to read it, then you are in trouble. You won’t stop until you have finished it. Very well written, and although penned first it should be read after The Unravelling by Sarah Northwood.  A debut Author who is showing a skill here for delving into a style of writing that will pull you into its depths.

This is a little more about this book. Both books together are great thrillers. Very disturbing.

Having lost both her parents in a car crash here we have the protagonist. Orphaned, alone and trying to find her way in life. Soon an opportunity comes her way to pay for her tuition fees and she does not think twice. When Dr Bennett introduces a program and is looking for volunteers, it seems this is an answer to her prayers. All she has to do is sign a form.

This is about to be the biggest mistake of her life. The minute Sam enters the Medical Centre, surrendering all of her identity documents; the permission has been given. What happens next is terrifying from start to finish.

You will find yourself shouting at this girl not to do it, to get out while she can, but it is too late. Not only will she be subjected to experimental tests, trying to destroy her very soul, there is no way out. She is a prisoner. Nobody is to be trusted, deceit surrounds her.

Everyone in this facility is evil and corrupt. Sam should never have gone to this place, now she is in big trouble. The very depths of everything unimaginable is brought to life here. Thoroughly enjoyed the books. Sarah Northwood is, without doubt, an up and coming Author. Looking forward to reading more from her.

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Review written by: Trisha J Kelly