Trust is something so precious, it’s something so strong but yet so easily broken. When you trust someone so completely and they break that trust, it can be really hard to move on and learn to trust again. Over the years I’ve dealt with many people breaking my trust, from family members to friends, and even a long-term partner who I lived with. But, even though I have been betrayed by so many people, I’ve learnt to trust again.

The most recent betrayal of trust was probably the hardest one; after my partner of five years told me he was going to the shop only to never return as he left me for another woman. It completely ruined any trust I had towards anyone and left me adamant that I would never ever rely on someone again, because who could be trusted? Nevertheless, upon meeting my current boyfriend, and father of my baby, I have learnt to trust someone fully, again.

It was really hard at first, I was second guessing everything he said, and I became somewhat paranoid. However, over time he helped me heal and put back together the broken trust I had towards everyone. Ten months down the road, we are living together happily and I feel like the experience I went through with my ex was a learning curve. There will always be people that you come across in life that will break your trust, but I’ve learnt not everyone is the same. Never feel bitter about betrayals as that just lowers yourself to their level.


Written by Gemma Price