The world is slowly taking steps toward equality – but it doesn’t seem like everyone has received the reminder.

If you haven’t heard about Cure therapy, then let me explain:

Cure therapy is the practice of trying to change someone’s gender or sexual identity to the norm via dangerous tactics that can often include assault, electrocution, and even rape.

As the UK and the US fight for it to be banned, Brazil has decided to LEGALISE IT! 

So, instead of protecting their LGBT+ population, they’ve decided to subject them to abuse and treat them as if they’re diseased.

Well done, Brazil. You’ve gone backwards!

But, it may not be too late. We can continue to try and fix this!

If you’d like to sign a petition to help get Cure Therapy banned again in Brazil, click HERE.

And for the UK, we are currently unable to do a new petition due to the previous being cancelled thanks to Theresa May’s surprise general election. So, we’re going to have to wait for a new petition to come out – but while we do that, keep talking about it! Keep saying why it’s so horrible. We can get rid of it, I’m sure.