Hey, guys! I failed to whip up a short story for this Saturday so have decided (and got the thumbs up from our CEO, Castiel) to share a chapter of one of my WIP novels, though no promises that I’ll actually finish the novel anytime soon…sorry. I’ve got two prologues and the first chapter of my novel ‘Leviathan City‘…I hope you enjoy!

Prologue One

Heels clacked against the grey metal floor quickly, as the woman ran down the hall. Screams echoed around her, arms reaching out from behind thick, locked metal doors. She wasn’t far from her destination but she was late and in a place like this, lateness was unacceptable. Within minutes she was standing on a balcony above a crowd of men and she paused to collect her breath and straighten her clothes before she stepped toward the railing. She cleared her throat once to get their attention.

“Welcome, boys…to Purgatory!” she said in a clear voice which resulted in a roar from her audience. Clarice smirked, ‘Ah, it’s good to be home.’

Prologue Two

A long time ago, our technology was primitive but getting better. Earth was dying and in the early years when U.S President Drumkopf was elected, it only got worse. Wars sprouted up everywhere and to provide for these wars, the Earth’s natural resources were depleted. Rapidly. In the end, the scientists had to come up with a way for us to survive on the planet since natural resources were next to nil and we still didn’t have the technology to travel the stars and look for a new home. We ended up living in giant metal creatures that lived in the sea and sky. These creatures were given the name Leviathan.

With that in mind, I bid you welcome. Welcome to Leviathan City. One of the few Leviathan’s left.

Chapter One

As I grew up, I was told tales of the Old Earth. Tales of when our ancestors lived in the outside world even if it wasn’t peacefully. All families told their young children these tales in the hopes that one day their descendants might be able to explore and live on the Earth again one day, instead of living in the Leviathan Cities that flew or swum around it.

It sounded nice, living out there. Fresh air, jungles, rushing rivers, fresh produce, animals; everything sounded wonderful. Sadly though, I knew it was only wishful thinking on my part.

The year is 7459 and humanity has not lived on the Earth properly since the year 2157, we’ve been living in Leviathan Cities since then. The scientists say we may never live on the Earth for many thousands of years yet to come. They’re always sending out probes to do the testing for them, every fifty years to see if Earth is habitable again and each time they tell us it isn’t. I’m not sure if I believe them or not, though. Mother is always telling me that scientists are prone to changing their opinion when it suits them and the Government is prone to telling lies and half-truths. It makes me wonder what is out there, truly. I mean, it has been over five thousand years since humanity moved into the Leviathan Cities. Surely you’d think that was enough time for the Earth to naturally replenish itself. Besides, these Leviathan Cities are always in need of repairs these days because they were only designed to support humanity for around two thousand years, it makes me wonder where the repair materials are coming from.

“Katlin! Quit day dreaming! We have some exploring to do!” I spun around at the sound of my best friend’s voice, knocked out of my thoughts. Nik had been my best friend since I was three and he was just as mischievous as I was, if not more so. I grinned happily.

“Nik! Where’ve you been?!”

“Oh, y’know. Around.” He chuckled. I shook my head with an exasperated sigh, not bothering to take a swat at his head like I might do normally. He was getting too tall.

“Sure, sure. If you say so.”

“What’s going on in that head of yours Kat? You’re usually more upbeat.” He remarked.

“It’s nothing, Nik.” I replied, waving him off.

“If it’s truly nothing then I’ll eat my hat.” He snarked. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. If there was one thing he loved the most, it was that hat of his. I shook my head and looked up at him, he really was getting tall.

“I’ll tell you later, ok?”

“Ok, fine. But I’m holding you to that.” He huffed.

“Sure, sure.” I said looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He snorted and we both broke down into laughter.

Katlin and Nik ran through the streets of Leviathan City laughing and pointing out little things to each other that only renewed their laughter as they passed by. People chuckled at the two, happy to see a couple of teens being so carefree. As they did however, cameras watched the teens every move as they vaulted over low walls and scrambled up the sides of buildings and started to run across the flat rooves of local shops. On the other side of the cameras, behind a screen, sat a man with thick greying brown hair and cold blue eyes wearing a military uniform; beside him stood a slim middle-aged woman, a clipboard in hand and a silver pen resting in the front pocket of her white lab-coat, black hair in a blunt-cut bob and glasses slipping down her nose.

“They’ll do, Dr Monroe. Have a group of people retrieve them tonight.”

“Yes General. As you say.”

With that, the woman walked out of the darkened room to prepare a stealth group to pick up the teens chosen for their next experiment.

I hope you liked this little snippet from ‘Leviathan City‘. Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the top, it’s unlikely to be completed any time soon because my muse is lazy. I do hope to be publishing my first book, a short poetry book titled ‘chaos abound: peek into a poets mind‘, at some point in the next six months, so I hope you keep an eye out for it. Anyway, take care!

Kyrena/Ceejay x