Hello everyone and welcome to Story Time Saturday! The first one ever I think. So what will be in Story Time Saturday, you may be wondering? Well, I plan on either writing little fictional stories or about stuff that actually happened to me. Mind you, my life is not that exciting so fictional stories will probably be more frequent than the actual stories.

This week, I want to tell you about that time I went out with two of my roommates. But before that, you will probably need some context. So, this is my first year of university (in the UK) and I decided to live in an accommodation with other students. In all, there are five of us, but only the three of us have moved in at that time. Our apartment is a smoking-free, alcohol-free and all-girls apartment.

And none of us are British, either. Roommate one (R1) was from Hong Kong, Roommate two (R2) from Bulgaria and I’m originally from Poland (even if I have lived here for more than ten years). Roommate three (R3) was from Malaysia and Roommate four (R4) from Japan; however as I said before, they weren’t here at the time so they won’t be mentioned this week.

So on with the story.

Our apartment is part of a block of flats provided by our university, as such there was an assembly in which our Warden talked to us about health and safety and stuff like that. Afterwards, we were given two free drink vouchers (up to £2.50 I think) and a free buffet. My roommates and I were like, “free food? Hell yeah” so we went.

We talked about it a bit before making our minds up. Something along the lines of “we have to go and meet other people”, “it is important to socialise”, “there will be free food”, “we can’t let them think we’re anti-social” and “they definitely have alcohol-free drinks”. And off we went with our free drinks vouchers.

Fast forward a bit, we are sat at a booth, which really wasn’t a booth if I’m being honest. It was like three couches in a semi-circle around a coffee table. All of us were looking through the pages of available drinks. Most of which were alcoholic.

What were we expecting going to a pub-like place?

We were looking through the menu like “maybe they have coca-cola” and “is this non-alcoholic, Wiktoria?” as if I would know – I have never been to a pub or anything, not really my scene. In the end, we ordered two mocktails each, which are non-alcoholic cocktails if the name didn’t clue you in.

So we’re sat at the couches, sipping our mocktails and you would think we’d start talking to the people around us, yeah? We will be living near them for the next year after all. Did we hell. We were sat there sipping the mocktails, on our phones laughing at cute animals while waiting for the free food buffet.

And that’s not the end, no.

While we were lining up for the free food (finally!), R1 was moving in one place you could say. She was fluttering around us and she knocked down a glass, which had a bit of alcohol in it. All of just froze. I was freaking out on the inside I was like R1 why. R2’s eyes were just wide open. The good part: no one was sat there. The bad part: someone else saw.

At that point, I was just ready to call it a day. But free food. Free food was the only thing keeping me there. So we continued to stand in line to get our food. Of course, with our luck, they ran out of chips just as we got there. Who runs out of chips? Apparently that pub.

And the food? It was average, nothing special. And cold. But it was free. And to be honest, if something is free then you can’t expect the best from it. So we ate our cold food and went home.

All before midnight.

And that is the story of that time my roommates and I decided to go out for a social event involving alcohol. And when I received a ticket for free drink and buffet for Psychology (my major) social event? You bet I threw it away and did not go.

Thank you for reading my story! There are many others involving my roommates, such as the time three of them decided to go to the house party upstairs, the time we “broke” the boiler, my stress baking and many, many more. Tune in next week and you might hear another story about them^^

– Wiktoria