Hi, everyone. Cas, here.

We’re currently having some technical difficulties meaning that we are now cancelling both Quick Fix and Butterfly Pride until further notice. We are hoping to continue with general articles, but they won’t be uploaded as usual. They may be scattered and for that, we apologise sincerely.

However, just because we are not producing content on a regular basis, we are still here for you as long as you need up. If you’d like to talk, want advice, or need assistance, let us know.


A piece of exciting news, however, is that I’m going to be on an internet radio station, every week from now on. My first show is tomorrow at 2pm (GMT/London time) on 5 Towns Radio. I will be on for an hour to talk about the previous week, some happy news, and have a bit of fun while listening to some possibly Queer 😉 music. If you have a song request, want a shout out, or have a news story you want more people to know about, make sure to message 5 Towns Radio on Facebook and direct it at me, Castiel.

If you want to listen live, you can do so by tuning in at www.5townsradio.com and clicking the Listen Live button, or searching for 5 Towns Radio on TuneIn. You can get us no matter where you are: USA, India, New Zealand… Anywhere! So come join me 🙂

But, for now, it’s time to say goodbye. I’ll see you later guys!

Have a great weekend.